Escape the daily grind. Take back your schedule. Set your own terms. Find flexibility. 

Work doesn't have to be a never-ending drag. We believe in helping people do what they love in a way that works for them. Put some flexibility back in your schedule. Find purpose in your projects again. See why FlexSpace can help you reinvent your productivity. 

  • Remote Work

    Through our fiber optic internet, you'll have access to fast and reliable online connections and the ability to work remotely. When working from home just doesn't cut it, come to a FlexSpace for a change of pace. 

  • Flexible Employment

    We promote flexible work schedules by offering 24-hour access to our facilities to our members. Whether you're an employee working odd hours for an international company or someone starting a side hustle in your limited free time, FlexSpace is ready for you. 

  • Start a Business

    Regular work just not cutting it? Looking for freedom, independence, unlimited earning potential, and a job you love? Start your own business using FlexSpace's work areas and rentable equipment. 

Open Work Spaces - Fast WiFi, Sitting or Standing Desks, Lounge Seating

Conference Rooms - Group Meetings, Client Meetings, Uninterrupted Work

Classrooms - Teach or Attend a Class, Go to Online School

Group Meeting Spaces - Large Classes, Company Meetings