Flexible Spaces: Combining Productivity and Creativity to Change the Way We Work

Miranda Kishel / May 31, 2021

Flexible Spaces combine modern ideas with established principles. 

"Flexible Space" is a term that came about during the Great Recession. During this difficult time, many business and property owners lost their income and did not have the means to pay their monthly bills. To counter this, owners of warehouses and other industrial-type buildings converted their spaces into flexible spaces. These spaces were rented out to individuals or groups of people that wanted to start a business, practice a craft, or learn a new skill. These "FlexSpaces" helped people have a space to work and grow, supported by innovative ideas during challenging times. 

The goal of our space is based on the history of flexible spaces. We want to give people in our community the ability to work from home in an area they love doing something they are passionate about, all while reinvesting in the Tower area and improving our city's Main Street. 

The FlexSpace in Tower, Minnesota has the same goal as the historic flexible spaces: To provide people with a space to grow in their careers, side hustles, hobbies, and more. FlexSpace helps connect you with the right tools: 

  • Friendly and Productive Environment

  • Professional Atmosphere

  • Small Business Resources

  • Better Work-Life Balance

We encourage you to come and see FlexSpace and get a glimpse of what your work life can look like!

FlexSpace is Officially Open

Miranda Kishel / December 4, 2021

After months of remodeling, planning, and preparation, FlexSpace had its Grand Opening on December 4th, 2021. 

This marks the start of a new era for northern Minnesota's business community. FlexSpace has private and shared offices that give business minded individuals a space to work remotely, grow and manage their own business, explore hobbies, and meet new people. 

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Depending on your needs, we have membership options that can work for you. If you are 

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